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Earning Your Business Every Day

  • 20+ years of experience and operational expertise servicing vendors from traditional and emerging markets.
  • ​​Exceptional hands-on service with rapid and accurate support from the request for a quote through transaction completion.
  • ​We make it easy for you to maximize your margins and efficiently drive your product. 
  • ​Tap into our expanding partner base of multiple VARs, SIs, MSPs, CSPs and Computer Retailers.

Our Vendors


Garrett McKelvie, Vice President



“Over the past 2 years, we have had the pleasure of working closely with Liquid PC. As our largest distribution partner, we can confidently say that they are the best around. It is great to work with people who strive to get things done as quickly and accurately as we at Anywhere Cart do! We are proud to be partnered with Liquid PC and would recommend them to anyone!”

Meenu Kaur, Director

​Administrative Services,

Acmetek Global Solutions Inc.

Acmetek Global Solutions Inc

​“Having worked with LPC for a number of years one thing remains constant, their professionalism. It’s always refreshing to work with a company that’s forward thinking and proactive. LPC is a team of highly talented professionals who deliver the highest quality service to their partners. It’s their attention to detail and impeccable service makes us always look good with our customers. The relationship continues to grow, develop and blossom and we truly enjoy doing business with them.”

Jess Grospe, Sr. Account Manager

Tangent Inc.

Tangent Inc

​“The whole Liquid PC team is a pleasure to work with. Always on time with their quotes and always very responsive to all questions & inquiries. We couldn’t have picked a better partner. Keep up the great work Team Liquid PC!”

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